Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Alberta Labour Problems

Why do I like alberta

HA ! Whats not to like . I come here . get a job making almost double of what I made back home ( and no the cost of living is not much higher ) and the premier hands me a check for 400 bucks .

Well Ralph bucks aside its alot saner living here . Although it can be a lonley place with no freinds . Now that I have been here a while thats not so much of an issue but needless to say I can sympathize .

None the less here are a few articles for your reading pleasure to give you a birds eye view of the BULLSHIT that goes on back home on PEI


But hey the social aristocrat jack asses who masaquerade themselves as the gaurdians of the local economy have this to say


Of course its a pretty blonde who was probably a waitress at an establishment of a member on some ivory tower council of the tourism board .

Why do I think PEI is poor . Well fuck ! Where do I begin. I have always maintained that is the leadership on PEI and the maritimes as a whole that has it in the poor house not the islanders or maritimers . I mean shit leave a maritimer to his own devices and he'll get his ass out of poverty . Just ask the BAZILLION that leave for alberta every year .

Lets look at a couple of cases .

case 1)


This is A business on PEI that cant find enough staff to keep up with their operations . They want people to commute from all over pei to work in souris for 9 dollars an hour and then as opposed to raising wages to adjust to the labour market they import workers from elswhere . namely Russia . Then have the oddasity to look at islanders as if it was their fault .

Here is the worlds smallest violin and heres me breaking it over your fat head.

case 2 )


Here is a forward thinking politician that actually is doing some thing for the maritimes . He wants to have the federal government involved to commnuicate to maritimers work opportunities in Alberta ( why not . The ambitouse ones are gonna come any way ) and offer some assistance to people moving out . Everyone benifits . Except of course the slave wage paying business's of the maritimes whom have their lips attached to federal liberal mp's who come up with shit like

"instead of forcing people to leave their families, the government should be creating jobs in Atlantic Canada, he said, adding Jean's proposal resembled the deportation of Acadians by the British in the 18th century. "

He never suggested forcing any one . He is offering an out for poverty for maritimers and importing from russia hasnt been an option for the conservative MP ! No sir ! And the labour shortage hes dealing with is a hell of lot larger then the measley 50 that ocean choice is sqwauking about as he is quoted as saying

"We need not 25,000 people; we need 250,000 people," Jean told the parliamentary committee on human resources development. "I want them from the rest of Canada. I don't want them from around the world unless they're going to be here permanently"

So folks here we see a difference in priorities . I hope I drew a pretty accurate contrast .